Oregon/SW Washington Elite Event Breakdown By Jordan Johnson

Oregon/SW Washington
Oregon/SW Washington

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Player for player this was one of the most impressive elite events we have had in Oregon. As you scroll down the list you will see a majority of the top athletes within the state.

Check out the elite event video posted above as we break down the top 10 plays of the weekend. BFA will be headed to Las Vegas for our 4th consecutive season representing the fastest growing football region in the country. Most of the individuals listed below will be in attendance at one of the largest 7 on 7 tournaments nationwide. Check updates in the coming week as each team from Oregon and Washington will be featured.

Oregon/SW Washington QB's
Oregon/SW Washington QB’s


Kimane Domena 6-2 200 Jr. Roosevelt- One of the top recruits in the Northwest currently holding 3 D1 offers.. Domena returns as the PIL Player of the Year and will be one of the featured members of our Vegas squad playing multiple positions.

Eric Dungey 6-4 200 Jr. Lakeridge– Dungey will be one of the most recruited QB’s on the west coast and a legit double digit D1 offer kid. He earned 1st team all league honors in 2013, accounting for 36 TD’s (23 passing, 13 rushing) for the Pacers. He is a Pac 12 level QB.

Troy Fowler 6-0 170 Jr. N.Medford– The returning SWC Player of the Year helped resurrect the Black Tornado program, leading North to the 2013 conference title while accounting for 34 TD’s (29 passing, 5 rushing). Fowler’s leadership skills epitomize what every QB should strive for.

Jerrin Williams 6-2 195 Jr. North Salem– Williams was an all league kid on both sides of the ball and will be one of the top players in the CVC. Jerrin is one of the fastest rising recruits in the region although the Vikings have struggled as a team.

Nolan Henry 6-0 195 Jr, Union (WA)- Henry will be in his 3rd year as the starter for Titans as he is one of the top QB’s in Washington. Union could very well challenge for state title next season as they bring back a special 2015 class.

Eric Restic 6-0 160 So. Jesuit– Restic is just a flat out player. He will be one of Oregon’s top ranked QB’s for the 2016 class helping the Crusaders reach the 6A State title game this past season. He has grown a couple of inches and could go down as one of Jesuit’s all time best QB’s.

JT Greenough 6-3 185 Jr. Tigard– Greenough has patiently waited his turn and should get his opportunity to start for the traditional power next season. JT has legit size, an outstanding work ethic, and can sling it. He could be one of the state’s best.

Peyton King 6-5 220 Jr. Southridge– KIng looked outstanding and is all of 6-5. He will get an opportunity to lead a Skyhawks team that is graduating 34 senior’s as he had one of the most impressive days of any kid in the gym.

Kyle Schwarm 6-3 200 So. Stayton– When all is said and done Schwarm will be a conference and state 4A player of the year candidate. He has been one of the most impressive kids this early off season, starting as a sophomore.

Wyatt Harsh 5-10 155 8th. Woodland (WA)- I can’t say enough good things about the kid out of SW.Washington. He will be one of the top QB’s in the state for the 2018 class coming from a football family.

Gage Bumgardner 6-3 180 Jr. St Helens – Comes from a very athletic family and was the starter for the Lions this past season accounting for 26 TD’s. His younger brother is one of the top players in the state for the 2016 class. Had an impressive workout.

Chase Lettenmaier 5-11 175 Fr. Summit– Very talented freshman QB that should be one of the better quarterback’s in the IMC. Chase has an outstanding work ethic making the trip from Central Oregon almost weekly.

Oregon/SW Washington QB's
Oregon/SW Washington QB’s

Wide Receivers

Justice Murphy 6-1 185 Jr. Evergreen (WA)- WA’s top ranked Jr WR.. Watch him run a couple routes and you will know why. He has all the tools and the work ethic to match. He will be one of the featured members of our Vegas 7 on 7 squad, after earning 2nd team all GSHL honors last season.

Keegen Hlad 6-4 190 Jr. West Salem– OR’s #1 ranked Jr WR.. Hlad caught 45 passes for 854 yards and 12 TD’s, earning 1st team all CVC honors last season. He is incredibly athletic playing on both sides of the ball and will be the other main WR along with Murphy on our Upperclassmen team.

Anthony Adams 6-0 165 FR. Newberg– One of the top two ranked freshman recruits in Oregon. Adams is maybe the most exciting player ever to set foot at NHS and part of a special group of up and coming talent. He is a great kid that projects at a high level of division 1 football on either side of the ball.

Chris Lewis 5-9 165 Jr. Slot Grant– Comes from a football family with his father being one of the better head coaches in the state. Lewis had a couple 200+ all purpose yard performances last season, and has had an impressive off season thus far.

Marshawn Edwards 5-9 170 Jr. Slot/DB Parkrose– Edwards had a phenomenal junior campaign earning 1st team all league honors offensively and honorable mention DB accolades. Marshawn has an outstanding work ethic and will be one of the top dual threat kids in the state next season.

Nikko Thomas 6-4 195 Jr. WR Southridge– Thomas is one of the fastest rising athletes in the state. The Hawks should make it a priority to get him the ball next season as his upside is off the charts with NFL genes and legit size.

Tyler Delashmutt 6-2 180 Jr. WR/S Newberg– Delashmutt earned 1st team all league DB honors and 2nd team WR accolades as he was one of the top players in the Pacific Conference. He has outstanding genes coming from a football family and has been a standout at our elite events.

Bryce Bumgardner 6-2 170 So. WR/DB St. Helens– Led the state among all sophomore’s in INT’s (4) and will be one of the featured WR’s on the OR/WA all underclassmen team that we take to Vegas. Bryce is one of the top players in Oregon for 2016

Josh Hansen 6-2 180 Jr. WR North Medford – Hansen has been nothing short of outstanding this winter. He had a monster game against South Medford last year and has been one of the most impressive kids we have seen this off season. Look for him to have a big year for the Black Tornado.

Ben Hoge 5-5 150 Fr. Slot– Hoge is one of the better freshman in the state and has quickly become an NEI/Barton favorite. His varsity experience from last season speaks to his upside as he will just continue to get better.

Marques Sampson 5-4 145 Fr. Evergreen (WA) – Went for 26 TD’s as a freshman at the JV level, also doing an outstanding job as a return man and DB at the Varsity level. Sampson plays with no fear and will be one of the top players in the state for 2017.

Oregon/SW Washington
Oregon/SW Washington

Defensive Backs

Billy Nelson 6-1 185 Jr. CB/RB Roosevelt– Nelson is a lock down corner and a legit D1 level athlete already being offered by Portland St. Expect to see him be one of the better DB’s in all of Vegas as part of our 7 on 7 squad. Billy will also be one of the top RB’s in the state

Derek Parnell 5-10 180 Jr. CB Southridge– DP is the real deal. He earned 2nd team all league honors last season and will be one of the top players in the Metro League next year. He has been as impressive as any kid we have seen all off season, locking up every top wide out in the Northwest.

Kobey Eaton 6-3 190 Jr. S Evergreen (WA)- Eaton has jumped up the ranks and will be listed as one of the top safeties in Washington. He started at QB as a freshman but has transitioned to the defensive side of the ball. He has a crazy work ethic much like Murphy, and is an outstanding student and student body president with a 3.8 GPA

Jordan Happle 6-0 175 So. DB Jesuit– Happle led the Crusaders in INT’s (4) as a sophomore and will be ranked as one of the top DB’s in Oregon for the 2016 class. Expect him to be a standout in the secondary for our OR/WA Underclassmen All Star team headed to Vegas.

JT Valenzuela 5-10 185 Jr. S West Albany– 1st team All State safety that helped the Bulldogs win the 5a state title last season. Valenzuela is one of the most exciting players in Oregon on both sides of the ball, currently recovering from an injury.

Keondre Collier 5-10 165 Jr. CB Roosvevelt– Collier will be a three year all league starter and one of the better corner’s in the state. His brother Tye was a standout at Central Catholic, now at Western Oregon. Look for Keondre to have a big senior season.

Mason Rivers 5-8 170 Jr. S/RB Sherwood– One of the best players in the gym on Sunday. Multiple coaches asked, who is that kid? Rivers will be a featured back for the Bowmen after being hurt part of his junior year. He did an outstanding job at DB.

Da’ Marea Stigler 5-11 170 Jr. DB Grant- Has been one of the breakout performers at our elite events early this winter. You can expect Stigler to jump up our DB rankings and be a kid that plays a vital role for the Generals next season.


Pepe Tanuvasa 6-1 220 Jr. LB Southridge– Tanuvasa projects as one of the two top LB’s in Oregon for the 2015 class, after earning 2nd team all league honors last season. He will be a defensive player of the year candidate in 2014 while looking very athletic each and every event.

Parker Bull 5-11 195 So. LB/RB Aloha– If I was going to give an MVP for the sophomores at elite it would most likely go to Bull. Parker is legit on multiple levels and will be one of the top junior’s in the state next season. He was an all league kid on both sides of the ball, something very rare for a young athlete in the Metro.

Rey Green 5-11 195 So. RB Evergreen (WA)- One of the top Sophomore RB’s in all of the west. Green is an unquestioned D1 level kid and someone that will be a conference and state player of the year candidate moving forward. He is the real deal.

Marcus Dufour 6-3 200 So. LB Newberg– Dufour had a breakout performance on Sunday, after earning 2nd team all conference honors this past season. He will come back ranked one of the top junior LB’s in the Northwest next year.

Zack Silver 5-10 185 Jr. RB/SS McMinnville– Silver has been impressive all winter after earning all conference honors in the Pacific. Expect to see Zack featured on both sides of the ball for the Grizzlies as he will rarely come off the field.

Connor Morris 5-10 170 Fr. RB Newberg– Will be one of the better backs in the state for the 2017 class. Has had a very impressive couple of weeks at our elite events.

Kiante McMurrin 5-10 160 Fr. RB West Salem– One of the top freshman backs in the state. Went off as a freshman, and has looked great on Sunday’s.