Tide Rising: Gig Harbor QB Davis Alexander

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Davis Alexander
Davis Alexander


Standing 5-feet-11, weighing 180 pounds, you might not look twice at Davis Alexander of Gig Harbor (Wa.), but once you turn on the game film, it is impossible to deny his talent.

“I like to model my game off of Drew Brees and Russell Wilson,” Alexander told NEI. “The Drew Brees part because he isn’t the tallest guy, but he is still a pocket passer and even though I like to run around and make plays, I still like to think that I am a pass first guy of course and feel very comfortable throwing the ball with the capability to extend plays and use my legs.

“The Russell Wilson part comes from being able to spread the defense with read option and being able to keep the ball, while also in the passing game extending plays by scrambling and evading pass rushers.”

Alexander has a lot of the same qualities of those two QB’s and is the true meaning of the term “gamer”. Weather it is with his arm or legs, Alexander has the ability to will his team to victory most nights.

Heading into the 2014 Barton Football Battle in Seattle, I really did not know what to think of Alexander. I had not seen much of him before the event, but it quickly became evident there was something special in the works, as Alexander lead his team to the Championship, including a win over the Alumni team of D1 athletes.

What was a great offseason, turned into a tremendous junior year. Gig Harbor would finish the season with a 9-2 overall record, and undefeated in Narrows 4A League action. Alexander was voted 1st team All-Area and was awarded the Narrows League MVP, and honor he never envisioned.

“Winning the Narrows MVP was a truly humbling experience,” Alexander said. “It was great to see that all the hard work I had put in with my teammates paid off. It also spoke a lot to us as a team having both the offensive MVP and MVP of the league being from Gig Harbor (Noah Samsen).

“I never had really thought about winning the award, really just wanted to help anyway I could in order to win the league title and it all just kind of fell straight into place.”

Alexander finished his junior campaign with 2,160 yards and 18 TD’s, with just 3 INT’s through the air, and added 859 yards and 15 more TD’s on the ground. The senior-to-be has set goals of at least 3,500 total yards and 40 TD’s, but is looking more at his teams goals than any personal achievements.

“We would like to make it to the T-Dome,” Alexander says. “More specifically bring home the state championship. We have a lot of talent this year and are doing anything we can in our power to prepare for the season.

“We’ve gone to two passing leagues and won them both, and also plan on attending the Battle of Seattle. Of course we would also like to win the league title.”

Alexander is seeing collegiate interest from the likes of Northern Arizona, Portland State and San Diego. He plans on making the rounds and attending various college camps to showcase his talents, and I truly believe recruiting interest will be picking up.

One of the more intriguing parts of Alexander’s profile is his age. He will be playing half of his senior season as a 16 year old, and will graduate at 17, so in reality he should have just finished his sophomore season.

When you sit back and look at things, there are too many positives for someone to not give Alexander a shot. He simply has too much talent, and too many intangibles.

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