Barton Football Washington Camp/Combine Weekend Breakdown

L-R) Kyle Olson-Urbon, Connor Wedington, Joe Nelson, Bobak Hejazi
L-R) Kyle Olson-Urbon, Connor Wedington, Joe Nelson, Bobak Hejazi


Last weekend the Barton Football Academy hosted a back-to-back Camp/Combine on Saturday in Bothell, followed by Bellingham on Sunday. Below is a breakdown of the weekend’s events.

To see combine results, follow this link – 2015 Barton Football Combine Results


Overall Most Outstanding Performer

Connor Wedington (’17 Sumner RB)


Bothell Event MOP’s

Offensive Line – Nick Blair (’16 Everett OL)
Defensive Line – Beni Madigral-Ries (’16 Arlington DL)
Underclass Line – Jesse Sims (’17 Bothell DL)
Quarterback – Jack Heinrichs (’16 Issaquah) / Brian Campbell (’16 Kentwood)
Underclass Quarterback – Willie Patterson (’17 Franklin Pierce)
Offensive Skill – Kyle Olson-Urbon (’16 Gig Harbor WR)
Defensive Skill – Bobak Hejazi (’17 Lakewood LB)
Underclass Skill – Joe Nelson (’17 Issaquah WR)
Youth – Tristan Warner (’22 Bellarmine Prep QB) / Alex Vallejo (’19 Evergreen RB)


Bellingham Event MOP’s

Offensive Skill – Casey Bauman (’18 Nooksack Valley QB) / Marco Lucarino (’17 Frank Hurt Secondary TE)
Defensive Skill – Brody Weinheimer (’17 Lynden LB)
Upperclass Line – Jeremy Johnson (’16 Sehome)
Underclass Line – Tanner Steele (’17 Lynden)
Youth – Aaron Black (’20 Omak QB) / Dante Collier (’19 Frank Hurt Secondary WR)


L-R) Jesse Sims, Nick Blair, Beni Madrigal-Ries
(L-R) Jesse Sims, Nick Blair, Beni Madrigal-Ries


Sumner RB Connor Wedington looks to be one of the state’s top recruits in the 2017 class, and he put that all on display this past weekend. Wedington recorded the top 40 yard dash (4.56) and shuttle (4.15) times, and also took home the longest broad jump (9’3″).

Standing 6’7″ and weighing 345 pounds, Everett’s Nick Blair is an absolute terror for anyone that lines up across from him. Things are really starting to click for the senior-to-be, as he has drastically improved his technique and picked up the intensity in the last year, and deservedly brings home an Outstanding Performer award.

Two of Washington’s better defensive lineman had great days this weekend, as Beni Madrigal-Ries and Jesse Sims showed why they are highly regarded. Madrigal-Ries has a great get off and tremendous hands and feet. He is also one of the hardest working athletes, regardless of position. Sims has been a standout at Barton Events the past few years at LB, but made the transition to DL to help his team, and it really looks like he is finding a home as a tough as nails DT, with DE athleticism.

Picking up awards in Bellingham were Jeremy Johnson and Tanner Steele. Johnson has a great frame and is a solid two-way player. He works hard and has great strength. With Sehome taking a graduation hit on the lines this year, I fully expect Johnson to step up and be the anchor. Steele is really starting to come into his own as his technique gets better every time I see him. He played very well last year for the Lions, and should take an even bigger role going into his junior year.

Quarterback is always one of the highest attended positions at BFA events, and this weekend was no different. We saw some of the usual suspects take home Outstanding Performers in Jack Heinrichs and Brian Campbell. Heinrichs is one of the most improved QB’s over the last few years, and it comes from a tremendous work ethic. He has put himself in a great position to have a solid senior campaign. Campbell is very athletic and has one of the strongest arms in the state. With Mike Bush taking over as HC, Kentwood is expected to throw more this coming season, so look for Campbell to has much improved offensive numbers.

Willie Patterson is a very intriguing prospect from Franklin Pierce HS in Tacoma. He is one of the top dual-threat QB’s in the 2017 class, and is improving everyday as a passer, due to his never ending work ethic, and showed it Saturday in Bothell by taking home an MOP. Got my first look at Casey Bauman from Nooksack Valley and came away very impressed. Currently a sophomore, he checked in at 6’3″ and 185 pounds, he shows good arm strength, and is still very raw. There could be a lot of great days ahead for Bauman.

A couple youth QB’s took home Outstanding Performer awards, as Tristan Warner and Aaron Black began making a name for themselves. Warner is a tireless worker and just loves everything about football. He has good mechanics, and is very athletic, with the ability to play multiple positions. This was the first time I have seen Black, and I must say I was impressed. He traveled 4 hours from Omak to get to the event, and picked up just about everything Taylor Barton threw at him.

Two other youth athletes received outstanding performer awards, as Alex Vallejo and Dante Collier both took home honors. Vallejo is a very athletic two-way star, posting a great time in the Shuttle (4.44) and sticking a great broad jump (7’10”). If he continues to grow and keeps working hard, he is a name Greater St. Helens League fans will want to keep an eye on. Collier is from Surrey, British Columbia, and looks like he has a bright future. He had good testing times for his age, and did a great job against older competition during the camp portion.

Offensive skill was represented well in Bothell, as Kyle Olson-Urbon and Joe Nelson were both rewarded. Olson-Urbon looks like he is in great shape and fully recovered from an earlier foot injury. He posted good times in the 40 (4.62) and shuttle (4.31), and really looked like the top WR on the weekend. Nelson has good size at 6’3″ and 170 pounds, but it is his all-around athleticism that makes his such an intriguing prospect.

Canada is often overlooked when it comes to football, and Marco Lucarino was a pleasant surprise in Bellingham. Lucarino tested well, and with more work on his technique could be a nice prospect. He picked up coaching quickly, and did a good job in the one-on-one session.

Two of my favorite linebackers both performed very well this weekend, as Brody Weinheimer and Bobak Hejazi took home MOP’s. Weinheimer played DT last year for Lynden, but it is not his natural position. He came out, showed a great willingness to learn and a physical mentality I love in a LB. This is the second time I’ve seen Hejazi in the last month or so, and I must say, I am a big fan. Not only does he have a great attitude, but he gets better every time I see him. Hejazi puts together good testing numbers and does very well in the camp session.

Linebacker was represented well this weekend, as Dillon Fargo (’16 Monroe) and Andrew McCoy (’16 Glacier Peak) showed why they were voted All-Wesco last season. Fargo is a machine, and could’ve easily been an outstanding performer at any other BFA event. He has good speed and a great understand of the position. McCoy showed good all-around athleticism and did very well in the one-on-one session, which can be very had on LB’s.

Jack Hanisch (’20 Bellarmine Prep) is a QB you are going to want to keep an eye on. Hanisch is already 6’1″ and 170 pounds, and still has a lot of growing left in him. He has great arm strength and is second-to-none in the work ethic department. Time will tell, but right now things look very promising.

RB was well represented in the 2016 class, with Daron Camacho (Chief Sealth) and Adrian Valona (Gig Harbor) were both capable of taking him MOP honors. Camacho is very much under the radar, as he plays on the public side of the Metro League, which doesn’t get a ton of attention. He tests well, and is a flat our gamer. Valona is one of the state’s top backs in the 2016 class, and showed good all-around athleticism (4.44 shuttle) to go with a great camp portion.

A couple underclass backs in Bothell were Alex Bing (’18 Franklin Pierce) and Eric Jung (’17 Bainbridge). Bing could’ve very well received part of the MOP’s, with good speed (4.72 – 40) and agility (4.35 – shuttle), Bing has the makings of being one of the top young backs in WA. Jung was a surprise, as I have never seen him before. Jung posted respectable testing times for a young back, did very well in the camp session, and is an athlete we will be keeping a close eye on.

Three WR’s showing well were Donavan Sellgren (’16 Arlington), Jeffrey Hepner (’16 Cedarcrest) and Jaron Selset (’16 Newport). Sellgren tested well and has good length, I really can’t put my finger what it is, but I really like what I see in Sellgren. Hepner is very much under the radar, as he plays in a system that doesn’t help his numbers, but the kid can flat out play. He tested well, has good size and could be a valuable asset at the next level. We’ve seen a lot of Selset the last two years, and he continues to get better. Selset has the body of a LB, and could project there, but does a good job at receiver and did a nice job showing athleticism in the testing portion.

Underclass WR’s performed very well, with Jerrel Chapman (’18 Tahoma), Marques Hampton (’17 Seilacoom) and Lionnelletui Mulitauaopele (’18 Kentridge). Chapman and Mulitauaopele are both currently freshman, and are names SPSL fans will want to keep an eye on. Both are good all-around athletes with work ethics to match, and showed well in testing. Hampton is an intriguing prospect due to his length and athleticism. He recorded a nice Shuttle time (4.28) and bread jump (9’1″), look for Hampton to make a name for himself this coming season.

Maceo Thomas-Murphy (’16 Puyallup) is a good all-around athlete with a solid frame. He is very capable on both on sides of the ball, and with his speed and athleticism, could project to either RB or LB. Tushon Barquet (’16 Skyline) does a good job in one-on-one coverage, and had a good all-around day. He is consistently getting better and has come a long way since his first session with BFA.

Two of the better offensive linemen in the 2016 class, Josh Watson (Cascade – Everett) and Nick Bartel (Ferndale), both showed well on the weekend. Watson continues his steady rise towards a potential D1 offer. He is a camp junkie, and is usually one of the top lineman in attendance, with Saturday being much of the same. This was my first time getting a good look at Bartel and I really do not know why he isn’t getting more looks. He has good size in 6’3″ and 296, and really was a standout on the day. He has nice feet and picks up on coaching very quickly.

Adding to the 2016 line class were Edward Aumua (Thomas Jefferson) and Justin Meier (Kentridge). I really liked what I saw from Aumua, as he has a solid frame and good get off. Aumua is a two-way linemen and should be a force for TJ this coming season. Meier is one of the better centers we have seen this season. He does a good job anchoring down and fending off the rush, and has good leg drive when run blocking.

Another lineman name you’ll want to remember is Bailey Elder (’19 Stadium). He has good size at 6’4″ and 275 pounds, and moves well. He is equally talented on either side of the ball, and could see time early in his HS career, as he is he currently in 8th grade.

Sticking with the linemen theme, Chase Barthlett (’17) and Courtney Dunigan (’17) from South Whidbey High School made the trip across the water to Bothell. Both athletes showed good technique and athleticism for linemen, and were very coachable. James Strong (’16 Timberline) is a TE/DE with a great frame. He worked at both on the day, and showed very will in the one-on-one session on both sides of the ball.

Frank Hurt Secondary had six athletes in attendance, three being lineman. Spencer Schmitke (’16) is a load at DT, but moves surprisingly well, and has good hands and feet. Brothers Zubair (’17) and Zaid Hamid (’20), both look to have bright futures. They work hard and have a willingness to learn, so with continued coaching should develop into nice pieces.

Also from Frank Hurt were Javeyan Penson-McCoy (’17) and Subrat Shrestha (’17). Penson-McCoy has good length and is very raw. He has good hands and really got better as the day went along. Shrestha worked out at WR, but is listed as a RB. He has good speed and did very well in the testing portion of camp, and looks like he could develop into a nice piece for Frank Hurt.

Noah King (’16 Lynden) got some great work in at DB in Bellingham. He has good hips, speed and did very well in the one-on-one portion of camp. Race Treat (’16 Shorecrest WR) has good size and athleticism, to go with nice hands and a good work ethic. Treat is one we will keep an eye on this coming season. We’ve seen a lot of LB’s from Kingston over the years, and Joey Kane (’16) is the next in line. At 6’2″ and 190 pounds, Kane has good size and showed very well in the camp portion.

Four Youth QB’s, Zac Krause (’19 Lynden), Tate Gibbons (’19 Mercer Island), Alex Johnson (’20 Bellevue) and Brady McKelhee (’22 Cedarcrest), all showed well and look to have bright futures. Krause usually drives two hours to train, so the Bellingham event was a nice change for him, and he took advantage by showing off good arm strength and improving mechanics. Gibbons and Johnson will likely see time against each other in the Bellevue/MI rivalry, as both show tremendous work ethic and should only get better before asked to QB their HS teams. McKelhee was the youngest of all QB’s we saw, but showed good arm strength and had solid testing numbers given his age.

Finally, a couple good two-way athletes are Ceaonda Taylor (’18 Highline) and Jayden Howard (’20 Fife). Taylor is plays RB/DB, while Howard comes at you as a WR and DE/LB type. Both tested well for their age, and should only get better with continued development.


L-R) Willie Patterson, Brian Campbell and Jack Heinrichs
(L-R) Willie Patterson, Brian Campbell and Jack Heinrichs

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