Northwest Elite Football Camp Preview

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The Northwest Elite Football Camp is set to take place today at Lynnwood High School. Many of the top athletes from around the Pacific Northwest will be in attendance, as well as many names you may not know about.

Dirk Knudsen from Northwest Prep Report put together a great list you can see Right Here and I tried to not double up as much as possible in listing names I am excited to see.

Rarely will an athlete get a mention from me if I have not seen them work live, and that will not change here. As a matter of fact, of the 80 athletes listed, I have only not see two work live with my own eyes.

I was given a list of 710 athletes that I picked through to come up with the list I have below. If I have not seen an athlete work live, the odds of them making my list are slime to none, as I want to make sure I am comfortable talking about a player.

The list below is not necessarily the top athletes that will be in attendance, as much as it is a list of athletes I will be specifically keeping an eye on.

Heights and weights are listed by the athlete when registering for the event, or via Hudl/MaxPreps.



Gresch Jensen – Auburn Mountainview (’16 6’2″ 208) – Jensen is the top Senior-to-be QB in Washington without an offer. He is a dual-threat QB and also excels on the defensive side of the ball at Safety.

Jacob Sirmon – Bothell (’18 6’3.5″ 207) – The 2018 recruiting class from WA looks loaded, and Sirmon leads the list. Many think he could wind up as one of the top 2-3 QB’s nationally when all is said and done.

Liam Fitzgerald – Camas (’16 6’1″ 195) – Fitzgerald is one of the top QB’s in Washington, throwing for nearly 2,700 yards and 24 TDs. He has good arm strength and is deceptively athletic, with the ability to run if needed.

Blake Gregory – Skyline (’16 6’3″ 175) – Gregory put up good numbers last season and doesn’t turn the ball over. Completed over %60 of his passes. Scott Eklund recently profiled Gregory, you can read about him Right Here .

Dane Warp – Havre (’16 6’4″ 190) – Warp is from a small town in North Central Montana, and doesn’t play at a high level, but make no mistake, he can flat out play. Good arm strength, quick release and athleticism make Warp a very intriguing prospect.

Sterling Somers – Lynden (’16 6’5″ 205) – Somers has prototypical size for a QB, and has won a ton of games in his career, including a state championship as a sophomore. He still has a lot of work to do, but that really speaks to his upside.

Tavin Montgomery – Juanita (’16 6′ 178) – Montgomery is coming off a serious knee injury, but appears to be ready to go. He has been the started since his freshman season, and brings excitement wherever he goes.

Kaden Jenks – Royal (’17 6’2″ 190) – Jenks plays at the 1A level and for one of the state’s all time great coaches. He threw for 1800+ yards and 29 TD’s as a sophomore. Could be a small school diamond in the rough.

Colson Yankoff – Coeur d’Alene (’18 6’3″ 185) – Yankoff looks to have the makings of a big time QB prospect. He has good size and arm strength, and plays for one of the top programs in the Northwest.

Bryce Missey – Bethel (’16 6’1″ 195) – I’ve seen a lot of Missey over the last few years and there is a lot to like. He has good arm strength, accuracy, and is deceptively athletic. Does a good job running the spread offense.

Gunner Talkington – Battle Ground (’17 5’9″ 170) – Talkington may be a bit undersized, but the kid can flat out play. He timing and ability to read a defense is some of the best in the state. Threw for 2,552 yards and 28 TD’s as a sophomore.

Davine Tullis – Ballard (’16 6’1″ 195) – Tullis does his best work with his legs, but is a capable passer. He probably projects best as a WR/DB, but it will be interesting to see how he performs in a big time setting.



Dionte Simon – Lincoln (’16 5’10” 188) – There is a lot to like about Dionte Simon. He is a pure all around athlete with a physical football body. Could be a RB, Slot WR or even a DB, depends on what you are looking for.

Daron Camacho – Chief Sealth (’16 5’8″ 195) – If you read NEI, you know how high I am on Camacho. He is undersized, but plays much bigger, and with a ton of heart. Also an outstanding wrestler, which helps provide toughness and balance.

Parker Bull – Aloha (’16 5’10” 185) – Bull is from just outside Portland, Oregon, and is a top player in possibly the state’s toughest conference. He displays toughness, good vision and tremendous balance.

Jamon Chambers – Federal Way (’17 5’8″ 160) – With Chico McClatcher headed off the UW, Chambers should get plenty of opportunities to showcase his abilities. He is undersize, but has great speed and a great ability to cut without losing his speed.

John Lesser – Liberty Christian (’16 5’10” 185) – Lesser plays 8-man football, but make no mistake, the kid can flat out play. He does a little bit of everything for his team, and could project at a variety of positions.


Wide Receiver

Tony Archie – Lincoln (’16 6′ 170) – I am a big fan of Archie. He is a big time receiver with a tremendous work ethic. He has good speed, runs crisp routes and has some of the best hands in this recruiting class. Many see him as a D1 receiver.

Samori Toure – Westview (’16 6’2″ 170) – Toure is starting to blow up amongst scouts in the area, as he has had a fantastic offseason. He has good length and is rarely beaten for a jump ball. There is a lot to like about Samori Toure.

Alvin Johnson – Lincoln (’16 6’1″ 195) – Johnson has good size and uses his body well to create space. He has a great attitude, work ethic to match and is still very raw.

Emmanuel Daigbe – Kent-Meridian (’16 6′ 191) – Depending on who you ask, Daigbe could be seen at the state’s top 2016 receiver. He has a great frame, speed and really snatches the ball out of the air. Daigbe has a ton of upside and is also a state championship wrestler.

Da’Vicious Wilson – Bothell (’18 5’10” 137) – Wilson comes from a very athletic family. He needs to add a lot of weight, but like his brother, Dayzell, it will come over time. He is very raw, but has tremendous potential.

Justin Guffey – Glacier Peak (’16 6’1 165) – Guffey is an intriguing prospect. I think he projects higher as a safety, but will take a close look at him as a receiver. Received first team all-league status on both sides of the ball last season.

J.J. Wells – Central Catholic (’16 5’7″ 160) – Wells is undersized, but is a dynamic all-around athlete. Speed is the name of the game with Wells, and he is capable of scoring anytime he touches the ball.

Andrew Cho – Jackson (’16 5’10” 185) – Cho is an under the radar athlete, that could project to a number of positions. He has worked mostly at RB in his high school career, including last season when he was performing very well before a knee injury.

Noah Samsen – Gig Harbor (’16 5’10” 185) – Samsen was second team all-state last year and the Narrows League Offensive MVP. He has good hands, runs crisp routes and does a great job at creating separation.

Riley Krenz – Lake Stevens (’16 5’11” 195) – Krenz is stocky and is a prototypical slot receiver. He is a polished route runner with good hands and speed. Was first team all-league last year on both sides of the ball, as well as first all-area at WR.

Hunter Eckstrom – Lake Stevens (’17 5’11” 184) – Eckstrom is an emerging receiver with a great work ethic, that gets better every time I see him. He has good hands a could end up as one of the better WR’s in his class.

Bradley Kim – Skyline (’17 5’11” 196) – Another good 2017 WR, Kim is capable of being a dynamic all-around athlete, and projects high at more than one position. Good speed, hands and a great attitude.

Chase Cota – South Medford (’18 6’3″ 185) – Cota already has great size and speed. He showed me in Las Vegas that he is capable of big things with a flurry of great catches. Could be the top WR in the Northwest for his class.

Chase Chandler – Bellarmine Prep (’18 6’2″ 200) – If the name and school sound familiar, it is because Chase’s older brother was a start just a few years ago, and Chase looks to be on the same path. He has all the tools of being a big time receiver.

Christoph Hirota – Bellevue (’16 5’9″ 170) – I am a big fan of Hirota. He plays hard in every situation, and should see more chances to showcase his skillset this coming season. Hirota is a good all-around athlete and also a great student.


Tight End

Colton Swain – Mount Si (’16 6’4.5″ 205) – Swain is a very athletic TE, but doesn’t shy away from his responsibilities as a blocker in the run game. Many see Swain as a D1 athlete and this will be a great opportunity for him to make his case.

Nate Shubert – Kamiak (’16 6’4″ 205) – Shubert is still raw as a receiver, but that also speaks to his upside. He has good hands and is deceptively athletic. Shubert is also a great student, with Ivy League schools taking interest.

Cade Otton – Tumwater (’17 6’4″ 205) – Otton has the skillset to be the top TE in the 2017 recruiting class in Washington, while still being relatively raw. He has nice length and overall athleticism.

Ryan Crnkovich – Bellevue (’16 6’5″ 225) – Crnkovich is an intriguing athlete. He is capable of being a WR, but projects highest at TE. I haven’t seen a ton of him, so I will be keeping a close eye at this event.

James Strong – Timberline (’16 6’5″ 230) – I think Strong projects best on the defensive side at DE, but he is a capable TE. He has a strong athletic frame, and is on the rise in the recruiting ranks.


Offensive Line

Scott Peck – Central Valley (’16 6’7″ 280) – Peck is on the verge of seeing his recruiting blow up. He has great length and moves better than a lot of TE’s. Scott Eklund recently updated on Peck’s offers and offseason .

Kameron Smith – Lincoln (’16 6’8″ 300) – There are a lot of scouts and coaches looking forward to seeing Smith perform. Smith is a hard worker and is still has a ton of room to grow as a player.

Henry Bainivalu – Skyline (’17 6’5″ 303) – Bainivalu has blown up recently, even picking up an offer from Michigan. He has two years left of HS and still is still relatively raw, speaking to his overall upside.

Dontae Powell – Richland (’17 6’6″ 285) – The 2017 class of OL is loaded in Washington, and Powell is rightfully near the top of the list. He projects highest at guard, and has a lot of mean and nasty in him.

Conner Crist – Tigard (’16 6’3.5″ 313) – I am a big fan of Crist, as he has all the nastiness I like in a lineman. Projects inside, but is athletic enough to play outside if needed. One of Oregon’s top lineman for his class.

Paul Gicewicz – Bellarmine Prep (’16 6’5″ 295) – Recently picked up his first offer and more are likely on the way. Gicewicz excels in run blocking, but is a capable pass blocker as well. Projects at guard, but could end up anywhere and is a big time student (3.9+ GPA)

Korbin Sorensen – Kamiakin (’16 6’6″ 275) – Sorensen has all the tools to be a big time recruit, and things are starting to click in the nasty department. His junior film was nice, and a nice performance could go a long way.

Anouson Keobounnam – Centennial (’16 6’4″ 295) – You will like what you see out of Keobounnam. He looks best at center, but could play guard as well. Comes from a run heavy offense, but does a great job in pass protection.

Christopher Mitchell – Mountain View (’16 6’2″ 270) – Could be seen as the top center in Washington, and is capable of playing guard if needed. He has nastiness to him and a great work ethic. Big time academic with a 3.94 GPA.

Elijah Lugo – Graham-Kapowsin (’16 6’4″ 279) – Lugo is tough as nails and very athletic for his size. Plays RT, but I seem him inside at the next level as a road grading guard. Good in pass pro, with nice feet and good balance.

Scott McIvor-Garman – Sehome (’16 6’5″ 265) – McIvor-Garman is one I will keep a close eye on. He has a great frame and good length. Could be recruited on either side of the ball, but does his best work offensively.

Quazzel White – Lincoln (’17 6’5″ 275) – White has the makings of being a big time recruit. With good size and a mauling mentality, White can be intimidating at times, but he is also very athletic. Still raw and has tons of upside.

Nicholas Blair – Everett (’16 6’7″ 345) – Blair has had a tremendous offseason, and did a great job reshaping his body. He still has a way to go, but he is light on his feet for his size, and is really starting to come into his own.

Erik Lukner – Sedro-Woolley (’16 6’3″ 290) – There is a lot to like about Lukner, as he has good size and some real nasty. His team runs a wing-t, so he excels in the run game, and he is starting to come around as a pass blocker. Also stands out in the classroom.

Nico Xitco – Bellarmine Prep (’17 6’4″ 250) – Xitco has a lot of room to grow physically and as a player. NWEFC will be a great measuring stick for Xitco.


Defensive Line

Omar Dyles – Bellevue (’16 6’1″ 285) – Dyles is one of my favorite lineman in the state. He works his tail off and is everything you want in a DT. He has a good first step, and great strength, which makes him a very intriguing prospect.

Raemo Trevino – Ballard (’16 6’0″ 260) – Trevino may be undersized, but he is one of the state’s top two-way lineman. He is a very good center on offense, but does his best work at DT. He has a great get off and has a great understanding of the position.

Benicio Madrigal-Ries – Arlington (’16 6′ 248) – I have seen a lot of Madrigal-Ries over the last few years, and he gets better each time I see him. He has a good get off, great hands and one of the better spin moves.

Jeremy Johnson – Sehome (’16 6’3″ 245) – Johnson has a really nice frame and is a 4.0 student. He might project higher offensively, but is also very good on the defensive sod of the ball. He is physical and has good athleticism.

Tiano Tialavea – O’Dea (’16 6’5″ 350) – When you see his size you instantly assume he is a run stuffer, and he is, but he also has plenty of athleticism that allows him to get in the backfield ad create havoc. Stock has been steadily rising since last season ended.

Carter McKaughan – Lakeside (’16 6’3″ 255) – McKaughan is a solid two-way lineman with potential on either side. He is still raw as a player, but has the tools to be recruited. Looks good at DT and is a pure run-stuffer.

Amir Matheny – Olympia (’17 6’3″ 285) – Matheny is one of the top DL in WA’s 2017 recruiting class. He has good size, a nice get off and has great overall toughness. Matheny is steadily getting better and could end up projecting very high

Reece Johnson – Peninsula (’16 6’4″ 260) – I think Johnson projects highest on the offensive side of the ball, but he is also very good defensively. He has a good work ethic and should do well in the NWEFC setting,

Jesse Sims – Bothell (’17 6’1″ 240) – Sims made the move from LB and it really paid off, as he started on Bothell’s state championship team. He is strong and does a great job inside of clogging lanes. He is also a high academic kid.

Lazarus Williams – Tumwater (’17 6’4″ 250) – Williams is an intriguing prospect. He has good size, athleticism and will have a great chance to make a name this season. This event could lead to a big season and future for Williams.



Andrezj Hughes-Murray – Federal Way (’16 6’3″ 230) – Hughes-Murray already has multiple D1 offers, with more likely on the way. He is a physical specimen, and is good both in run support and pass coverage.

Caleb Weber – Chiawana (’17 6’2″ 228) – Weber is a tough, physical linebacker with tremendous leadership skills. While he is best going forward, Weber is very capable of dropping into coverage. He is a high academic kid and might be WA’s top 2017 LB.

Cale Lindsay – Lakes (’17 6’2″ 220) – If Weber isn’t the top LB in the 2017 class, it could very well be Cale Lindsay. He is a very aggressive, physical tackler, and was voted second team all-league last season.

Alex Diegel – Skyline (’17 6’1″ 200) – Rounding out a 2017 trio is Diegel. He has a nose for the ball and does a great job shedding blocks. He has all the tools to be a big time linebacker.

Dylan Axelson – Woodinville (’16 6′ 205) – Axelson is a two time All-Kingco performer at LB, and is also an accomplished RB. He is physical on both sides of the ball, and almost welcomes the contact.

Jett Whitcher – Stanwood (’16 6’2″ 217) – Whitcher’s stock has been on a steady rise since about this time last season. He has good speed and does a great job at reading the play. Whitcher has natural instincts you just can’t teach.

Mushawn Knowles – Lincoln (’16 6′ 205) – Knowles is a mean backer that is a rock in the middle of the Lincoln defense. He is good against the run and pass, and is a three time scholar student.

Hunter Haggerty – Tumwater (’16 6’2″ 235) – Haggerty transferred to Washington from Minnesota last year, and was a relative unknown heading into the NW Stars Camp, where he was one of the best LB’s on the day.

Chase Van Wyck – Napavine (’16 6’2.5″ 225) – Van Wyck is a very intriguing prospect, as he comes from the 2B level of play, Washington’s second lowest, but make no bones about it, the kid can play. He could very well win the 2B State Player of the Year next season


Defensive Back

Darien Williams – Lincoln (’16 6’1″ 195) – Williams is one of the fastest rising prospects in WA. He has the ability to play any DB position, but is probably at his best as a lockdown corner. He has good speed, is physical and great in man-to-man coverage.

Jason Rucker – Westview (’17 6’1″ 175) – Rucker is your prototypical centerfield type free safety. He has great range and does a really nice job in the air. If you went off instincts alone, Rucker would project very high at the next level.

Gavin Crow – Kamiakin (’16 6’1″ 195) – Crow has had a great offseason, going from relative unknown to one of the top DB’s in the entire northwest. Crow is a lockdown corner, with just the right amount of swagger.

Benaiah Ellington – Bellevue (’16 6’2″ 175) – Ellington has also had a great offseason. He has good size, could stand to add some weight, but plays very tough. Speed is the name of the game for Ellington, as he is one of the state’s top sprinters.

Oshea Trujillo – Blanchet (’16 6′ 200) – Trujillo has battled injuries this offseason, or he would’ve had a great opportunity to make a name. He picked up an offer from Army recently, which could be the first of many.

David Morris – Sherwood (’17 6’3 200) – Morris might project to LB long term, but he is highly recruitable at DB. He has great length and does a great job in man-to-man coverage. Some think he has potential Pac12 future.

Antoine Patton – Garfield (’16 5’10” 173) – Patton is a speedster that excels in man-to-man. He was all-league on both sides of the ball, but projects highest defensively.

Anfernee Gurley – Archbishop Murphy (’17 5’11” 170) – Gurley is a dynamic all-around athlete, and is one of the state’s top kick returners. He has great speed and the ability to change direction without losing his speed.

Caleb Brown – Tahoma (’16 5’10” 170) – Brown has great top end speed, and is the only athlete I have even seen catch Chico McClatcher. Things are starting to click as a player, and he is really co

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  1. You should take a moment to set some eyes on Cole Peckham Tahoma '16, 6'3 1/2, 185 pound WR/OLB who in his first varsity season was 2nd Team All Conference WR. His 6.5 sacks coming off the edge ranks as third best of all time at tahoma. And he is still growing.

  2. Thanks for spotting Nate Shubert and adding him to your list. He had a good showing and IMO just missed out on the TE MVP spot. Hope you had a chance to watch.

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