McCoy Leads By Example

Andrew McCoy
Andrew McCoy


Senior Glacier Peak LB Andrew McCoy will make the move from outside linebacker to inside linebacker this fall and he’ll also be counted on to be the leader of what could prove to be one of the better defenses in 3A this fall.

“As a junior, I played outside, but this year I’m moving inside,” McCoy told Northwest Elite Index after a recent spring scrimmage with his team. “It’s a little different, but honestly, I’m enjoying the transition.

“Inside you have a lot of blitz opportunities and ‘A-gap’ responsibilities whereas outside you are pass-rushing more and you have outside contain, so you’re focus is a little different, but it’s not that much different.”

McCoy said one of the bigger responsibilities is his duties as a team captain, something he takes very seriously.

“There isn’t really pressure, but you want to be there for your guys,” McCoy said. “I mean, it’s funny to think that I’m the ‘old’ guy now and the younger guys are looking to me as the leader. I feel I’ve always been a leader, but now that I’m a senior and I’m also the team captain and playing middle linebacker, there’s really no getting away from that.

“I am just focused on being there for my guys and doing what I have done for the first three years I’ve been here — work hard, study, make plays — stuff like that.”

Recruiting has been picking up steam this summer although he’s still waiting for his first offer.

“I’ve been hearing from a few schools, but so far it’s just contact, no offers,” McCoy noted. “I’ve heard from Montana, Portland State, Linfield, a little from Wyoming and also some from Whitworth.”

As far as camps are concerned, McCoy will or has hit several including Montana, Linfield, Montana State and possibly Portland State as well.

“This season, I just want to focus on getting better and doing what I need to do to learn the game more,” McCoy said. “I love to study film and learn from the coaches and I’m just soaking up as much as I can. This is my senior season and I want it to be the best season we can make it.”

Northwest Elite Index will continue to keep track of McCoy’s progress and we will update news on him as it happens.

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