26 QB’s Set To Take Part In The Inaugural Northwest 9



Next week 26 of the top QB’s in the region will ascend on Northwest University in Kirkland for the first annual Northwest 9.

The athletes in attendance will take part in a four day, three night event consisting of testing, drills, 7-on-7 and other activities. Each night the coaches and selection committee will rank the athletes, with the top nine athletes in the final rankings being the inaugural Northwest 9.

On Thursday and Friday night, many of the region’s top WR and DB’s will be on hand to participate in the 7-on-7 sessions. If you would like to be a part of the 7-on-7, feel free to send your film to me at Ringerland@gmail.com.

Below is a breakdown of the QB’s that will be in attendance.


Gresch Jensen (’16 Auburn Mountainview) – Jensen, who recently committed to the University of Montana, is no doubt one of the top QB’s in attendance. He is a capable dual-threat athlete, with good arm strength and legs to match. Jensen finished last season with close to 2,500 total yards and 28 total TD’s. He is also a good defensive back, and was voted 2nd team All-SPSL and All-Area.

Amandre Williams (’16 Tahoma) – Most know Williams as a dominant force on the Defensive Line, and he is every bit that force, but make no mistake, the kid can play Quarterback. Williams has one of the strongest arms I have seen, and has worked very hard to refine his offensive game. He threw for a bunch of yards last season, including 579 in a 48-41 week 2 win over Rogers.

Davis Alexander (’16 Gig Harbor) – Alexander has all the tools to be a big time QB, but lacks prototypical height. For my money, it doesn’t matter, Alexander can play D1 football. He has good arm strength, accuracy, and has the ability to make plays with his legs. You want your QB to have leadership skills, and Alexander has more than enough to go around. He will lead the top ranked Tides into what could be a special season.

Blake Gregory (’16 Skyline) – Gregory appears to be on the verge of a few FCS offers. He has worked hard this offseason improving his consistency, and has really shown well at events I have seen. Gregory has good arm strength and will once again lead one of the state’s top programs.

Liam Fitzgerald (’16 Camas) – Fitzgerald threw for nearly 2,700 and 24 TD’s last season, as the high powered Papermakers continued their reign on the Greater St. Helens League. He showed well at the RDAF Showcase, and could really breakout with a big NW9.

Justus Rogers (’16 Bellevue) – Rogers has an offer from Washington State to play defense, and has done a great job this offseason proving he can also play QB. Rogers has unquestioned athleticism, and his film will show you that. He also has good arm strength, timing and a good understanding of the position.

Tavin Montgomery (’16 Juanita) – Coming off a serious knee injury that cost him most of his junior year, Montgomery has a lot to prove. I saw him at the RDAF Showcase, and he looks to be back at full strength. When he is healthy, Montgomery is an exciting playmaker that finds a way to win games. He has a strong arm, good accuracy and all-around athleticism enough to beat you with his legs.

Brian Campbell (’16 Kentwood) – Campbell has one of the strongest arms in the state, and throws the ball with what looks to be no effort. He is sneaky athletic and could be one of the surprises at this event. Campbell was part of the BFA 7-on-7 Team in Las Vegas, and had a nice weekend, but this event is one that could truly put him on the map.

Nathan West (’16 O’Dea) – West is another QB with a very strong arm, and it looks like he will get a chance to showcase it this year, as O’Dea appears to be opening up the offense. Nathan is athletic enough to make plays with his feet, but he is at his best standing in the pocket. This event and season could be huge for West, as he looks towards college football.

Sterling Somers (’16 Lynden) – Not often a State Champion QB is considered under-the-radar, especially when they led their team to back-to-back trips to the final, but that is pretty much the case with Somers. He does a great job commanding the offense, has prototypical size and is very athletic, also excelling in basketball.

Bryce Missey (’16 Bethel) – Missey will be one of the more mechanically sound QB’s in attendance, as he does a great job working on his craft. He is sneaky athletic and does a good job extending the pocket while keeping his eyes down field. Missey has been to a few big time events in the past few months, so this could be an event where he shines.

Nick Swanson (’16 Redmond) – Not many of you have probably heard of Swanson, but he is a big, strong armed kid that can really sling the ball. He has good athleticism and strong presence on the field. This could be a big year for Swanson, and the NW9 is a great way to get it started.

Liam Bell (’16 Gonzaga Prep) – Playing in Spokane can be tough to get your name out, unless you throw for a billion yards like Brett Rypien, but Bell has done a good job this offseason getting around to events, and it typically one of the better QB’s in attendance. Bell is a dual-threat with a good arm and athleticism, leading to 21 total TD’s last season.

Kyle Mozzone (’16 Fife) – Mozzone plays in a run heavy offense, so events like this are vital to his recruitment. He is a good at 6-foot-4 and 200 pounds, and moves well enough to make plays. Mozzone has good arm strength and a much better understanding of the position than you would expect.

Wyatt Hutchinson (’16 Clackamas) – Hutchinson is a dual-threat with a really nice arm. He is the lone QB from Oregon in the event, and he can absolutely sling it. He has the ability to escape the pocket and has a knack for making plays when under duress. Hutchinson will surprise some people.

Jake Taylor (’16 South Kitsap) – Taylor heads into his senior year completely under the radar. He has great size, standing 6-foot-4 and about 200 pounds. Taylor has all the physical tool with good arm strength and accuracy, just lacks game experience. Could surprise at the NW9 and in the upcoming season under new head coach Gavin Kralik.

Alex Freeman (’16 Blanchet) – Freeman is also under the radar and shows good arm strength and a great work ethic. He is a pro-style QB that could really surprise at the NW9. Freeman shows good leadership with command of the offense. Look for Freeman to have plenty of opportunities to throw this season.

Jack Doney (’16 Jackson) – Continuing a trend of under the radar QB’s brings us to Jack Doney. He has all the tools to be a big time QB, but may not get much of a chance to show it, so the NW9 is a platform for him to really make a case. He stands 6-foot-6, 210 pounds, and comes with tremendous arm strength and accuracy.

Kolby Killoy (’16 Pasco) – Killoy plays with a tough mentality, and it should come as no surprise as he has grown up playing hockey. He has a nice arm, good accuracy and a good work ethic. Killoy wont pass the initial eye test, but once he throws the ball, you will know why he got the invite to the NW9.

Kaden Jenks (’17 Royal) – Jenks could be the top 2017 QB in the state. He plays at a small school just east of the Columbia River in Central Washington. Jenks has a big time arm and a tireless work ethic. He is athletically gifted and can make plays with his feet, but does his best work from the pocket with great timing.

A.J. Allen (’18 Lakeside) – Lakeside hasn’t produced a ton of talent over the years, but Allen looks to be bucking that trend. He has great size, standing 6-foot-6 and 190 pounds, with plenty of room to add on. Allen works very hard at his craft, and has made tremendous strides over the last year. This could be a coming out event for Allen, who looks to project at a high level.

Jacob Sirmon (’18 Bothell) – If you follow football closely, you recognize the name. Sirmon comes from the definition of “football family” and is primed to take over the starting job for the defending 4A state champions. Jacob is tall, has a tremendous arm and a great work ethic. Time will tell, but it is very possible Sirmon sees multiple offers from a very high level.

Wyatt Harsh (’18 Woodland) – Don’t let the 2A level of play fool you, Harsh can flat out play Quarterback. He had a tremendous freshman season, and parlayed it into a great offseason. Harsh’s work ethic is second to none, and while he does everything with a smile on his face, he is one of the fiercest competitors I have seen.

Hunter Wendling (’18 Stadium) – Wendling does all the little things really well. He has good feet, a nice arm and works hard at his craft. He makes the transfer to Stadium High School this year, and will be relied on heavily to jump start the program.

Casey Bauman (’18 Nooksack Valley) – Bauman has big time potential. At 6-foot-3, 200 pound, he has good size, arm strength and is a very hard worker. The Pioneers like to throw the ball around, so Bauman should have plenty of opportunities, but the NW9 will be a great chance to get a jump start on recruiting.

Dylan Morris (’19 Graham-Kapowsin) – When you start talking about the future of the QB’s in Washington, Dylan Morris is one of the first that come to mind. It looks like he will step in as a freshman at GK, and will likely wow from the start. Morris has a really nice arm and great composure. Big moments don’t phase Morris.

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