4A State Tournament Bracket w/ Week 10

Look for a breakdown of who could be sliding into which spots on Monday.

2015 4A Brackets and Week 10

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  1. Why does the WIAA continue to be such a joke? Why would you format it this way? The State Championship will be happening on the right side of the bracket every game going forward from the first round. Whoever is a half way decent team on the left side of the bracket can waltz right into the final to get there but kicked from whoever is standing from the right side! The only chance the left side has, is that the right side is so beat up from battling the teams it had to go through to get there. They should think about adjusting the bracket the best they can so they can possibly get a true final in the end. Is this bracket set in stone? If the bracket stays the way it is above, than this years true final is most likley happening in the first round between several matchups!

  2. Gig Harbor vs Skyline in the first round!! Why does this have to happen?? I moved him to avoid this very issue!!! As much as the boys(me as well) HATE the idea of playing each other, it will be a good one!!!

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