Oregon All Underclassmen Team: By Jordan Johnson

(Clockwise Upper Left, Tanner Sanders, Henry Mondeaux, Connor Humphreys, AJ Hotchkins, Joey Alfieri)


*Any athlete that has received a D1 offer will see the school listed in (       )

*If you are a sophomore on this list then you are most likely ranked high for the 2015 class, and probably got significant Varsity time this season… *There is not a single Sophomore on the 1st team

*The All-State Underclassmen selections are based on the athletes season, and not their individual college projections.

* We couldn’t be more proud of ALL NW athletes and we look forward to seeing everyone over the off season

Jordan Johnson & NEI Team


1st Team

QB Aidan Wilder 6-0 190 Jr Central Catholic  
FB Joey Alfieri 6-3 220 Jr Jesuit (Oregon State)
RB Jake Lacoste 5-10 195 Jr West Albany  
RB Daniel Sherrell 5-9 185 Jr Clackamas  
WR Jordan Morgan 6-2 190 Jr Southridge  
WR Mitch Herbert 6-4 190 Jr Sheldon  
ATH Tanner Sanders 6-5 200 Jr Crescent Valley (Oregon State, San Diego State)
TE Henry Mondeaux 6-5 245 Jr Jesuit (Oregon State)
OL Tanner Davies 6-3 290 Jr Sheldon  
OL David Reese 6-7 260 Jr Clackamas  
OL Zach Kraus 6-4 275 Jr Canby  
OL Tyler Cox 6-3 245 Jr Southridge  
OL Janak Ward 6-2 250 Jr Tigard  
DL Connor Humphreys 6-4 250 Jr Central Catholic (Oregon State)
DL Christian Martinek 6-4 220 Jr Jesuit  
DL Liam Tilty 6-4 220 Jr Sheldon  
DL AJ Hotchkins 6-0 225 Jr Tigard  
DL Josh Brown 6-6 240 Jr Sunset  
LB Joey Alfieri 6-3 220 Jr Jesuit (Oregon State)
LB Henry Mondeaux 6-5 245 Jr Jesuit (Oregon State)
LB Nick Underwood 6-2 220 Jr Lake Oswego  
LB Sam Bodine 6-2 220 Jr Canby  
DB Maurice McSwain 5-11 175 Jr Aloha  
DB Aaron Washington Jr. 5-9 165 Jr Central Catholic  
DB Manu Rasmussen 6-0 165 Jr Tigard  
DB Jordan Horak 6-1 190 Jr Lake Oswego  
UT Trent Werner 6-1 190 Jr Jesuit  

2nd Team

QB Cade Smith 6-1 185 So West Salem (Wyoming)
FB AJ Hotchkins 6-0 225 Jr Tigard  
RB Devin Martinez 5-8 185 Jr Southridge  
RB Jake Pruitt 6-3 215 Jr Southridge  
WR Trent Werner 6-1 190 Jr Jesuit  
WR Jared Evans 6-4 190 So North Medford  
ATH Manu Rasmussen 6-0 165 Jr Tigard  
TE Brody Haelehn 6-4 235 Jr Clackamas  
OL Collin Calhoon 6-2 255 Jr Lake Oswego  
OL Austin Holmes 6-4 230 Jr Eagle Point  
OL Nick Kraxberger 6-3 265 Jr Canby  
OL Levi Long 6-6 250 So Sprague  
OL Jeremiah Everett 6-0 230 So Southridge  
DL Marqueese Royster 6-1 250 Jr Lakeridge
DL Brody Haelehn 6-4 235 Jr Clackamas
DL Will Allen 6-3 250 So Barlow
DL Sione Taumoe’anga 6-2 280 Jr Roosevelt
DL Ellis Eaton 6-3 245 Jr West Linn
LB Ryan Nall 6-3 215 Jr Central Catholic
LB Perry Groves 6-4 220 Jr McNary
LB Jake Biglow 5-11 210 Jr Tigard
LB Mason Montgomery 6-0 205 Jr Ashland
LB Lopeti Aisea 6-0 255 So Lincoln
DB Mitch Herbert 6-4 190 Jr Sheldon
DB Chase Morrison 5-10 165 So Jesuit
DB Taylor Travess 5-9 165 Jr Springfield
DB Garrett Hitner 6-2 185 Jr McNary
DB Kellen Strahm 6-0 165 So Sheldon
UT Zach Farnes 6-0 190 Jr Clackamas

3rd Team

QB Kimane Domena 6-2 185 So Roosevelt (BYU)
FB Caleb Naughton 5-11 215 Jr Dallas  
RB Ryan Nall 6-3 215 Jr Central Catholic  
RB Chase Morrison 5-10 165 So Jesuit  
WR Jeff Bieber 6-4 185 Jr Sunset
WR Kevin Martz 6-2 185 Jr South Salem  
ATH Maurice McSwain 5-11 175 Jr Aloha  
TE Josh Brown 6-6 240 Jr Sunset  
OL James Cory 6-3 250 So Central Catholic  
OL Garrison Saina 6-4 240 So Tualatin  
OL Austin Phillips 6-3 255 Jr Mountain View  
OL Matt Willis 6-3 220 Jr Silverton  
OL Ellis Eaton 6-3 245 Jr West Linn  
DL Tristan Lallo 6-4 215 Jr South Medford  
DL Jacob Zartman 6-3 240 Jr St. Helens  
DL Brad Smith 6-4 220 Jr Reynolds  
DL Austin Holmes 6-4 240 Jr Eagle Point  
DL Isaiah Smith 6-0 265 So Roseburg  
LB Chase Marshall 6-3 220 Jr Lakeridge  
LB Mike Varadi 6-0 225 Jr Southridge  
LB Cody King 6-1 220 Jr Marist  
LB Jacob Bucher 6-3 230 Jr Crescent Valley  
DB Kevin Martz 6-2 185 Jr South Salem  
DB Andrew Ripley-Miles 6-1 165 So Southridge  
DB Hayden Kirsch 6-0 175 So Clackamas  
DB Maleke Nathman 5-10 165 Jr Southridge  
UT Yadie Dunmore 5-11 175 Jr Sheldon  


Honorable Mention


Scotty Hitner Jr. Cottage Grove, Eric Dungey So. Lakeridge, Willy Pflug So. Sunset, Cole Chandler So. Silverton, Hayden Coppedge Jr. West Linn, Gage Gubrud Jr. McMinnville, Christian Martinek Jr. Jesuit, AJ Woodin Jr. Southridge, Doonie Johnson Jr. Clackamas, Trevor Watson Fr. Springfield, Sam Davis So. Grant, Craig Contreras So. South Medford


Micky Shaefer Jr. Sherwood, Cameron Scarlett So. Central Catholic, Christian Bowley Jr. South Medford, Keegan Lawrence Jr. Sherwood, JT Evans Jr. Summit, Devon Fortier So. Canby, Dominic Shorter Jr. Canby, Boomer Fleming Jr. Ridgeview, Brett Hildebrand Jr. Mcnary, Josh Benton Jr. South Salem, Nick Janakes So. North Medford, Jace Cates So. Canby, Billy Nelson So. Roosevelt


Garrett Hitner Jr. Mcnary,  Keegen Hlad So. West Salem, JR McLaughlin Jr. Lakeridge, Austin Owen Jr. Marist, Quentin Bates Jr. Reynolds, Jaray Kindell Jr. Lincoln, Zack Davis Jr. Central Catholic, Andrew Bennion Jr. Churchill, Devon Dunagan So McNary, Eugene Ellis Jr. North Medford


Teagan Lind So. Westview, Tristian Lallo Jr. South Medford, Cory West Jr. St. Helens


AJ Wienke Jr. Centennial, Vontrelle Millls Jr. Jefferson, Chase Mcfadden Jr. Crescent Valley, Chase Cole Jr. Central Catholic


Craig Fobert Jr. Canby, Charlie Landgraf Jr. Jesuit, Danny Tanabe Jr. Southridge, Korey Thompson Jr. Marist, Jake Sager So. South Medford, Paul Vickers  So. Jesuit,  Will Heck Jr. Crescent Valley, Saul Urzua Jr. Sherwood


Semise Kofe Jr. Roosevelt, Michael Chen Jr. Crescent Valley, Kaj Christensen Jr. Dallas, Taylor Stinson Jr. Clackamas, John Hanifin So. Lake Oswego, Blake Brandel So. Central Catholic, Cameron Frey So. Tualatin, Parker Nielsen Jr. Wilsonville, Michael Mcguire Jr. Centennial, Hank Kamakaala Jr. Westview, Michael Kiever So. Lakeridge, Tanner Moore So. Lake Oswego


Logan Sackley Jr. Southridge, Jake Pruit Jr. Southridge, Scott Skurdahl Jr. Sherwood, Marcus Mcgovern Jr. Sheldon, Cameron Scarlett So. Central Catholic, Chandler Schoonmaker Jr. Tualatin, Zak Taylor So. Sherwood, Gabe Stone Jr. West Albany, Cooper Whitaker Jr. Wilsonville, Peyton Dole Jr. Eagle Point, Dalon Hudson Jr. Clackamas, Matt Craig Jr. Silverton, Max Wilson Jr. Silverton, Donovan Manning Jr. Central Catholic, Domonique Penn So. Grant, Caleb Naughton Jr. Dallas, Mitch Kekel Jr. Westview


Bryce Barker So. Beaverton,  Vontrelle Millls Jr. Jefferson, Roy Jackson Jr. Thurston, Jacob Sturtevant Jr. Westview, James Schell-Buchanan Jr. Roosevelt, Noah Kyllo Jr. Canby, Brady Rediger Jr. West Salem, Colton Sakamoto Jr. Westview


  1. Charlie Eskew

    Tanner Sanders Grandfather, Jim Sanders and I graduated together and played varsity football together at Nordhoff High, So California- in Ojai, CA.

    It has been special to see the accomplishments of Tanner. Makes me feel like a proud uncle !!

  2. Mark Waller

    You listed Austin Phillips of Mountain View as 3rd Team. I would bet my last dollar on him against anybody else you just listed from 1st team on down. He will be at the combines this year starting with the one in Bend. Check him out. And no, he isn’t a relative of mine.

  3. Mark Waller

    One other guy that I would like to mention that didn’t make your list is sophomore LB Ben Klein from Mountain View. He was a starter from the beginning and rang up the numbers including being a leading tackler against Marist in their play-off loss. He has great football smarts and instincts and hits hard. He too will be at the combine in Bend and will tear up the numbers this coming year as a junior.

  4. Jerry Schleining

    You should really look at the stats closely. You missed a better QB than most on this list. Are you sure the team is based on individual stats or the school they go to.
    Don’t want to sound like sour grapes… but c’mon.
    And yeah.. I am a bit bias..

  5. Jerry, appreciate you checking out the site.. I think Josh has a lot of talent and is a good size kid.. He is on our rankings board.. The problem last season was the 21 Ints… He had a good com pct 65%, but thats a lot of picks ..I know he’s a great kid with a ton of potential but they didn’t play anybody either.. That was the reasoning
    Jordan Johnson NEI

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