Oregon 6A Offensive & Defensive Mid Season MVP’s: By Jordan Johnson

September 27, 2012

     *Our Mid season MVP report will be up for each state covering 6a/5a in Oregon and 4a/3a in Washington. There are a lot of deserving kids, but we are talking Player of the Year state wide so its a very select class of athletes.       Most of these kids listed will either be the Conference Player of the Year or right there in the running. We can’t say…


LO’s Mitch Lomax Lands Portland St in what could be one of Many Offers: By Jordan Johnson

September 21, 2012

       One of the State’s top players In Mitch Lomax (6-4 240 Sr. LB) received his first offer today from the hometown Portland St Vikings. As most know Mitch is the son of local legend and NFL QB Neil Lomax. Almost as much as any kid state wide, it was a wonder how Lomax hadn’t received an offer yet. Mitch will be in the running for state defensive player…