#NEIpoll – Favorite Pre Game Pump Up Song: By Scott Enyeart

As we gear up for fall camp to start this week at most high schools in the Northwest, we can’t help but get pumped up. The buzz of taking the field friday nights is just around the corner and everyone has their own way to help get themselves ready for a big game. There is one way that has been around for some time, and that’s the pre-game “pump up” song. Whether it be sitting at your locker listening to headphones, or playing on the stadium speakers during warmups, everyone has that song that gets them in “the zone”.

For this week’s #NEIpoll we are asking you to tell us what your favorite pre-game pump up song is.

As always, the team here at NEI will start it off with the songs that we listened to before games during our playing days.

To submit the song that gets you hyped before taking the field, simply tweet using the hashtag #NEIpoll telling what the song is and why you like it. You can even include a YouTube video of the song if you want.

Ryland – “Kick Start My Heart” by Motley Crue:
My top 50 songs would probably all be hard rock of some sort. When the guitar kicks in at about 10 seconds I really can’t help but go wild. The Seahawks began using it to start games a few years back and I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know I go absolutely nuts when I hear it!

Scott – “Rough Ryders Anthem” by DMX:
Man, this song takes me back. It was basically our “team song” when I was in high school. The beat, the chorus, just everything about it got my mind right before taking the field. Lyrically the whole concept of the song was about a team sticking together, which made it even more appropriate than just a song with a catchy hook.

Taylor – “All Eyes On Me” by 2pac:
The title says it all, game day was my time to shine when all eyes were on me. Sounds cocky, I know. But when someone does well on a test they want to show it off and show everyone why they studied so hard. Game day was my time to show everyone why I put in all the hours in the offseason that I did.

Jordan – Enter Sandman by Metallica:
It was always either Enter Sandman, or anything from 2pac, as we are related. Both did the trick in the locker room for me. Everything in Enter Sandman is spoken with intensity, which is what’s needed on the field.