#NEIpoll – What sporting event is on your “Bucket List” to attend?: By Scott Enyeart

The Little League team from Sammamish lost a heartbreaker in Williamsport, PA, after making a magical run to the Little League World Series. Watching the game got us thinking about how cool it would be to attend a LLWS game. Soon enough, we were thinking about other sporting events we found ourselves wanting to attend, which led us to the idea for this week’s #NEIpoll question…

What sporting event is on your “Bucket List” to attend? Simply put, if you could attend any sporting event, what would it be?

As always, the team here at NEI will start it off with the sporting events we want to attend before all is said and done, and the answers might actually surprise you.

To submit the sporting event that YOU want to attend, simply tweet using the hashtag #NEIpoll telling what it is and why it’s on your Bucket List. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a championship game or even a professional sport, just something you want to experience.

Ryland – Army vs. Navy Football Game
As far back as I can remember my dad made me watch the Army-Navy game. He served in the Navy and still roots for them. I am a big Navy fan and make no bones about it. It also seems like every year a few athletes from our area play in this game making it that much more fun to watch. Go Navy! Beat Army!

Scott – Texas vs. Oklahoma Football Game
The “Red River Shootout” has always been a sporting event that has captured my attention. Played at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, these two rivals fill the stadium, half in the Burnt Orange of UT and half in the Crimson of OU. When I say “half”, I literally mean half. If you’ve ever seen the game on TV, you can see the colors in the stands divided right at the 50 yard line. Two traditional powers, and big time college football – what could be better?

Taylor – World Cup Championship Game
Soccer is a sport that captivates the world during World Cup time. To be able to experience it in foreign country, with the culture and the atmosphere and passion that soccer fans bring – and to see the best of the best competing against each other – would be a once in a lifetime experience.

Jordan – NCAA Tournament in a Vegas Sports Book
Vegas is always a favorite spot to visit, and I am a big fan of filling out brackets and NCAA Tournament time. The excitement during the first two weekends is great, and it never hurts to be able to make a wager on one of the biggest sporting events of the year surrounded by other fans.