NW Stars Camp Session One Breakdown

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Taylor Barton speaking to the athletes.



This breakdown is of athletes that stood out to me from the first session of the 2015 NW Stars Camp. Not everyone will be listed, just those I feel had outstanding days.

Some of these athletes listed were named by college coaches as some of the top athletes in attendance, others are listed by Barton Football Academy coaches, and some by other media members in attendance.

The first session was designated for only 2015 class athletes, as they are have the shortest timeline to signing. Linemen from the 2015 class will be in the session two breakdown.



As you ask around, two names came up the most, Nolan Hoover (Hazen) and Clark Hazlett (Lynden). These two were crisp on their throws all day and really stood out above the rest. Hoover has been overlooked most of his career, and did a great job showing he can play at a high level. Hazlett showed great athleticism early, and finished by hitting one target after another during one on one work.

Not far behind those two were Casey Brink (Bainbridge) and Jaelin Goldsmith (Cascade Christian). Brink was on fire during the group session, hitting just about every target with precision. Goldsmith did what Goldsmith does. He made great throws and showed his athleticism throughout the session.

This event was about exposure, and no athlete in attendance needed it more than Jared Richardson (Bellarmine Prep). He transferred into the Tacoma school from Canada, and was stuck behind a senior. He left camp as one of the more impressive quarterbacks in attendance, both on and off the field, where he sports a high GPA and test scores.

Richard Thomas (Eastlake) and Gabriel Gutierrez (Timberline) both come from big schools and play in some big time games. They showed no jitters at this big time event, and also showed probably the best athleticism during the SAQ portion.

Griffin Stacy (Rogers – Puyallup) showed good command throughout the day, and was a surprise during SAQ. Matthew Keenan (Shadle Park) was one of the bigger revelations. As the backup to Brett Rypien (Boise State), Keenan didn’t see a ton of action during the season, but showed he was a very capable QB, and one of the more athletic QB’s in attendance.



JoJo Binda (Kamiak) and Jerome’ Woods (Tahoma) really looked to be the top two back in attendance. They also look a lot alike when it comes to style of play. Both are small in stature, but can absolutely fly. No reason either shouldn’t come out of the camp with some interest.

Eastlake’s Elijah Funk is an interesting athlete. He is a stocky back with great balance and loves contact. He could be seen as a FB, but has the athleticism to be a RB, and could also project as a DB. All in all, Funk is someone we see moving on to play next season, it’s just a matter of where.

Teammates Michael Green and Matthew Hamilton of Granite Falls really put on a show in the SAQ session. Both athletes can absolutely fly and their change of direction was some of the best we saw all day. Playing at a small school made their recruiting tough, but at the end of the day there may not have been two more under-the-radar guys to breakout on the day.

Another breakout performer was Lakiem Williams (Spanaway Lake). He was one of the bigger backs on the day, but showed great athleticism during the SAQ portion, and was a name coaches brought to the table during one on one. No reason Williams shouldn’t be playing at the college level.

Two athletes that have the fullback look to them are JJ Valencia (Marysville Pilchuck) and Eli Clayton (Renton). Valencia is small, but runs with authority. He has the ability to carry and looks like he could be a big hitting lead blocker. Clayton has played a few different positions in HS, but looks best suited as a back. His size and athleticism make him a very intriguing prospect.

Calvin Cardwell (Bremerton) showed very well in the SAQ portion, as well as in the one on one. He rushed for nearly 2,000 yards in his senior season, and really was a revelation on the day. Fesili Wynn (Hazen) was also a relative unknown coming into the day and showed well. He is smaller, but was good in the SAQ and had a good all-around day.


Wide Receiver/Tight End:

The names we heard the most throughout the day were Dennis Moton (Archbishop Murphy) and Corey Henderson (Mountain View, WA). Moton was probably the best all-around athlete in the first session, and probably got more reps during the one on one, as ever college in attendance wanted to see him perform. Henderson did a better job in the air than any other athlete. He used his size and athleticism to attack the ball, and really was a mismatch throughout the day.

TJ Morris (Okanogan) and Ryan Lacasse (Mountlake Terrace) had tremendous all-around days. Both are runningbacks by trade, but made the switch to WR to show they can play multiple spots. Morris is the reigning 2B State Player of the Year, and really had coaches talking throughout the day. Lacasse is a great athlete and showed he can do a little bit of everything. His speed and athleticism should help him get to the next level.

Tight End name I heard the most was Seth Hyatt (Timberline). While he may project more as a DE or even OT, Hyatt showed his overally ability, and had coaches lining up to talk to him. His big frame (6’4″ 250) is something colleges love.

Two receivers turning heads were Kelsey Deer (Central Kitsap) and Jacob Bystry (Columbia River). Deer has come on as of late, and BFA coach Mike Bush has said a few times that he is a fan. Bystry is a great two-way athlete that does a good job attacking the ball, and generally just out-working his competition.

Small school studs Connor Schnuit (Klahowya) and Cody Fonseca (Klamath Union) showed they can play on a high level. Schnuit uses his size to create separation and did a great job during the SAQ portion. Fonseca is small, but can move, and really is a versatile athlete. He can return kicks, play in the slot, and could even step out and play some DB if needed.

Devon Rawles (Crescent Valley – OR) and Josh Bayne (Coupeville) are two athletes that really showed their abilities. While receiver may not be their natural spot, I am adding them here because of their overall athleticism. Both athletes could easily play RB/WR/DB, so it really became a dilemma as to where to add them to this list.

Scott Miller (Bellevue Christian – 2013) was one of the big surprises on the day. He is a big body TE (6’6″ 220), and I was told still has all four years to give to a school. Another TE showing his abilities was Kyle Naron (Franklin Pierce). Naron has good size and really works hard. He has good size and should have no problem playing at the next level.



Nick Janakes (North Medford) was really the star of the day. Just about every college in attendance buzzed about his abilities, as it was evident who the best of the bunch was. Janakes has great speed and athleticism, and just the right amount of nasty you want in a LB.

Shane Ward (Rogers – Puyallup) and Aeron Watson (Auburn Mountainview) are two of my favorite linebackers. They are both undersized, but are just flat out good football players. Both also bring high levels of leadership, as well as tremendous work ethics.

Nooksack Valley’s Adam Mydland slipped through the cracks. He has good size, speed and athleticism, to go with a great understanding of how to play the position. Mydland had a good SAQ session, and really showed his ability in the one on one with runningbacks.

Jake Murphy (Kelso) was one of the top athletes on the entire day. He also participated in the lineman session, as he looks like he could be a DE/OLB hybrid type that just brings all kinds of abilities to get after the QB.

Hazen’s Parker Trewet had a great all-around day. He showed well in the SAQ and was one of the top LB’s during the one on one session. Trewet comes from a school that is tough in terms of recruitment, but he showed he can play at a high level.

Andrew Monlux (Kingston) and James Pak (Bellarmine Prep) are two athletes that project more to the DL, but can also play OLB. Monlux has a great frame and is seeing a lot of interest from colleges, while Pak is still relatively under-the-radar. Pak could literally play anywhere from DT out to OLB.


Defensive Back:

The name everyone was tossing around was Andre Johnson (Parkrose – OR). He was very good in the one on one, and in the upper echelon of the SAQ. Johnson is great in man-to-man, and might not have been beaten all session.

Johnson’s teammate MarShawn Edwards did most of his work on offense, but did spend some time at DB, and did a tremendous job. Edwards is a great all-around athlete that would look good at the collegiate level.

Matt Kvech (Eastside Catholic) should be mentioned with the top athletes on the day. He was one of the top athletes during each portion, and is also a high academic student. Kvech is somehow being overlooked when it comes to recruiting.

I think my favorite DB was Stevie Cleveland (Timberline). He is small in stature, but he is a gamer. Cleveland excelled in the SAQ, and didn’t allow a completion during one on one. He is also one of the better return men in the state.


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