4A State Tournament Bracket w/ Week 10

This is to the best of my knowledge. If you are a coach or AD and know it to be different, please email me Ringerland@gmail.com.

Two team names with a “W” means those two play this week, with the winner moving to this spot. An “L” means that is where the loser will end up.

To View the potential week 10 matchups, click This Link .


2015 4A Brackets and Week 10 1

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  1. I am a Richland fan due to my dad graduating from there and growing up there for a better part of my young life. I have been part of Skyline and there last seven titles since 2000, so I know good team!. But let me tell you that Gig Harbor or Lake Stevens….since I have scouted them both, they are gonna be hard to beat. Gig Harbor played as bad a game you could play against Olympia and missing half there team due to illness. So hard to hold the win differental against them. But watch Gig Harbor man handle Bellermine Prep this weekend. Who is coming from the left that will win it?? Not Richland, the are out matched. The only chance they have of getting there is rolling in from the left side with inferior talent. Cause Gig Harbor will be on the RIGHT SIDE. Let's not get to excited with one title from Chiawana!

  2. Kevin Stevens I've been Richland's biggest advocate this season, predicted the Chiawana championship 6 weeks before it happened and had the Riverhawks in the final last year. If you look at these brackets you will see a few things. The most obvious being that 4A is tailored for an Eastern Washington team to get into the finals.

  3. It comes down to you have to play whoever's across from you. My biggest complaint is that a number 1 would have to go to the other side of the state to play a lower seed number 1s when not playing each other should be the home team. When number 1s play it should be a neutral field or counties, wiaa could do the toss by video conference. Pretty fair and simple if you ask me.

  4. Who are these utterly idiotic buffoons at the WIAA doing this? This is a crime !! The 4 best teams in teh state are on the same side? What the ???? Is the WIAA mentally ill? This is absurd? This is like the old days when UCLA got a whole bracket to themselves in the NCAA hoop tourney and was never challenged cuz they stacked all the good teams on the other side. Is the WIAA living in the same world that the NCAA lived in 50 years ago…or NCAA football lived in before they had #1 and #2 play each other? Fire all of those incompetent idiots!

  5. Kevin Stevens So, you're BRAGGING that Chiawana got to waltz into the T-Dome with an easy schedule? Of course Chiawana was a great team. But, you're also on here talking about how great the entire East. WA region is. This is not the 80's dude. Again, you are talking about ONE team that got handled last year and really got handled by Camas until a freakish ending. Is that your justification for your bizarre statement that the East in THIS bracket is stronger? Cuz Chiawana got in LAST YEAR? You're kinda outta touch with reality dude. And like I said above, those idiots at WIAA are a bunch of incompetent, brainless fools….or else they're just doing what the old school fogeys are ordering them to do and not caring about having the best semifinals possible.

  6. Yep….unbelievably pathetic. If this was Texas, Florida or California, the parents, schools, fans, coaches, etc would have their heads. I think Oregon has a poll and they shape their playoffs according to that poll ranking. WA should adopt that.

  7. Jessica all the smoking, is on your side of the mountains! Lol
    Go easy it's just a game and yes there is just one winner! Unless you live in the big city where they don't want a winner and would rather give everyone a trophy.
    Not saying we are better than you just saying don't count ANY of the teams out from over here. And to answer your stupid question, yes G Prep and Richland CAN win.
    Go tend to your garden so I have something to smoke. Lol

  8. I'm just looking forward to some good high school football. Being a Lake Stevens resident, I'm tired of watching 2 quarters of blow out football. Be nice to see what this team can do when they face equal competition and actually have to play there starters for more than two quarters. It does seem the right side of the bracket has 6 of the top 8 heavy hitters. Hopefully who ever comes out of the right side has enough steam left to win it all.

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