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  1. Kennedy Catholic is undefeated, then they would have to play either Ballard or Glacier Peak who are both very good. Where would you put Bellevue that would make their road tougher?

  2. Kennedy is undefeated, Ballard and Glacier Peak are both very good. If they get by those two they would have to play either Juanita, Blanchet or Sumner, all very good teams. Where would you put them that makes more sense?

  3. Two Tacoma schools have to travel to the Tri-Cities. Couldn't the Tri-Cities schools play each other in this bracket? Winning on the road in the playoffs is very difficult. We have seen unabashed home cooking from game officials.

  4. Those two teams are in the same conference. Why should they have to play each other in the first round?

    What would you think if Bellevue hosted Juanita in the first round?

  5. Vince Chapman You should have seen the Oak Harbor – Juanita game. Any hard hit on the home team was a 15 yard penalty. Its not cheating but its not a level playing field either.

  6. Thought you were talking about Tri-City refs. Haves seen them make plenty of bad calls but they usually spread them between the teams. Thought we were on the short send of a few home games and I know a few of those guys.

  7. Lakes got hammered on some roughing the passer calls that weren't. Once it became clear that Kamiakin was out of it, the flags flew. You can't call RTP when the DE is in the air and about to sack the QB. We had at least 2 of those calls in the 4th.

  8. Erika Young McCollum Actually you can get called for roughing the passer in that situation. Is is still not legal to hit the QB in the head with any part of your body. It is also illegal to use the crown of your helmet. Both of those could be called roughing the passer.

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