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  1. Richland and Gonzaga Prep have the best chance to get to the State championship at this point. One of these two teams will likely be in the state title game from the upper brackets. They will play each other in the upper bracket semi-final unless there is an upset. The other really good teams are in the lower brackets. Camas, Skyline, Lake Stevens and Grahma-Kapowsin are all very good but only one of these four teams will survive the lower bracket to play in the state championship. Richland and Gonzaga Prep are solid, well coached high school football teams with outstanding defenses, so one of these two teams is also likely to win the state championship.

  2. Very unlikely another team will beat Lake Stevens unless they score at least 42. LS hasn't been held under 42 all season. All but the Issaquah game were over at half time.

  3. Well at one point someone said here that the state championship game would come before tonight. Meaning the west side had multiple teams better than any of the east. Well it looks like they were right the state championship was last weekend. Richland vs GP
    Congrats to all the teams and congrats to G Prep great win for us east siders

  4. That Kevin Stevens guy sounds like he MAY know something. If Skyline is the best team on the west side that would make them the 3rd best team in the state behind G Prep and Richland.

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