Empire QB Academy and Jaeger Sports Announce Partnership

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The Empire QB Academy has reached an agreement with Jaeger Sports to begin using Jaeger’s J-Band during their events.

“We are excited to partner with Alan Jaeger and Jaeger Sports,” Empire QB Academy founder Jake Heaps said. “The Jaeger brand is widely recognized as the best in their field. We share the same passion in seeing our athletes develop and reach their full potential.”

Jaeger Sports is a Southern California-based organization with baseball testimonials from the likes of Clayton Kershaw (3-time Cy Young Award winner), Barry Zito and Cole Hamels. The Empire QB Academy is looking to bring their trainings and philosophes to the gridiron.

The eleven step J-Band exercise routing is designed to balance, strengthen and condition the rotator cuff & surrounding muscles. This routine is crucial for injury prevention, endurance, recovery period and increased velocity. Quarterback are throwing more passes in today’s game than ever before, and the J-Band will become a key component to sustaining good arm health.

With the addition of Jaeger Sports, the Empire QB Academy continues to show it is dedicated to advancing Quarterback training to a level never seen in the Pacific Northwest.

Empire QB Academy starts their Washington College and High School prep program this weekend, with Oregon starting on January 14th. For more information visit – EmpireQBAcademy.com .

For more information on Jaeger Sports visit – JaegerSports.com .


Jaeger Sports Thrive on Throwing 2 from Jaeger Sports on Vimeo.

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