Empire QB Academy Announces Partnership With Just Play Sports Solutions



Empire Quarterback Academy announced today it has signed a partnership deal with Just Play Sports Solutions, LLC.

Just Play Sports Solutions was founded in 2014 by two former Division I college athletes who had a vision to help coaches and athletes prepare and teach a generation of athletes that are consumed in a digital world.

Just Play is streamlining a coach’s workflow and providing better tools to teach a generation of athlete that lives in a digital age. Just Play easily integrates with any video solution coaches already use and allows them to create engaging video playbooks, terminology, presentations and even quiz players.

Their cutting edge technology allows coaches to “gamify” learning for players by combining their mobile app with interactive quizzing and accountability metrics to ensure players are understanding everything coaches need them to know.

“Just Play was built on the foundation of teaching, so it’s a perfect fit for what the Empire team is doing for quarterbacks.” said Co-founder Austin Barone. “Empire is unique in that it balances both on-field training and mental training. We are excited to be their go-to platform.”

Empire Quarterback Academy is dedicated to providing the highest level of instruction for quarterbacks of all ages, youth, high school, collegiate, and NFL. We strive to provide the most cutting edge training in every aspect of the position and our coaching staff brings a wealth of knowledge from their experiences in the NFL and Collegiate football that they cannot wait to share.

“We felt that Just Play Sports Solutions was something that would bring tremendous value to our program,” said Empire QB Academy founder Jake Heaps. “We are always looking to be on the cutting edge of quarterback training.

“This is an NFL type quality system and we are excited to be able to teach our athletes in a way that has never been done before.”

Empire QB Academy starts their Washington College and High School prep program this weekend, with Oregon starting on January 14th. For more information visit – EmpireQBAcademy.com .

For more information on Just Play Sports Solutions visit – JustPlaySolutions.com .


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