NEI Joins Forces With The Tanoa Bowl: By Taylor Barton

November 1, 2012

  2012 has been a Banner year for the Barton Football Academy and NEI. So it’s only right we get to make a Huge Announcement while we’re still in the 2012 Calendar Year. We have been invited to participate in and help coordinate the Tanoa Bowl, an Annual All Star Game that produces 4 teams from 4 states; Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Utah. Simi Strickland and his group started…


Washington’s Week 5 Elite Performers: By Ryland Spencer

*This list is a way to showcase this weeks top performances. I am sure I missed a few and would like to know the ones I did. You can either comment on here or send me an email at *In the future, to find this list you will need to look under the “Players Of The Week” tab. Doing this will allow us to have more content about the…

September 30, 2012