Washington 4A Review: Week Seven

4A in Review


Week seven is over, the round-of-32 is beginning to take shape, Kingco’s playoff picture is still a disaster outside of Bothell, and there are only two teams left unbeaten. For an updated look at the standings from around the state, head on over to WaPrepZone.com .

I attended four games with week, and unfortunately I did not see a single 4A team. I was supposed to be on the broadcast of Kent-Meridian @ Kentwood, but was moved over to the Root Sports broadcast last minute.

With no 4A game to recap, I decided I would post links, and my thoughts on the state playoffs.


4A Notes/Links

This week’s podcast by the guys at the Everett Herald is up. To listen, follow This Link .

The playoff picture is becoming clearer by the day it seems. In the GSHL, there are some interesting scenarios in just about every level of play. Tim Martinez from The Columbian has the story Right Here .

Since we are on the topic, I am going to throw a few thoughts out there about the playoffs. The WIAA screws up the state playoffs on a yearly basis. If everything goes as planned, Bothell will travel to Camas in this year’s quarterfinals. Yes, you read that correctly, we could have the obvious #1 and #2 teams in the state meeting up BEFORE the Tacoma Dome.

Look, I don’t really care how they want to dish out the 32 berths into the tournament, but could we please use just a little common sense when it comes to where they are seeded. A few years ago when Bellevue and Lakes, two top 25 teams nationally, met in the quarterfinals, it should’ve been enough to wake up the brilliant minds at the WIAA. Instead, they have remained clueless after many years of clearly screwing it up.

As it plays out, the #2 seed from the GSHL will have an easier path to the state finals than the #1 seed.

This same thing happened in 2012 when Auburn (SPSL North #2) reached the Tacoma Dome, on a much easier route than that of League Champ Kentwood. Now, Kentwood wound up losing in the round of 32, but had they made it through they would’ve faced undefeated Camas in the first round of the playoffs.

I propose a simple method. Allow the associated press to seed the top four teams in the state.

The Associated Press may not be the best rankings… They have Kentwood ahead of Federal Way… A Federal Way team that beat Kentwood just two weeks ago… But the Associated Press would give fairly unbiased seeding.

Had we seeded the top four teams in 2012, you most likely end up with Skyline, Camas, Federal Way and Bellarmine Prep as the top four. Three of those teams ended up in the same bracket, with Camas and Federal Way meeting in the quarterfinals.

So if we went by their current rankings Bothell, Camas, Chiawana and Union would be seeded 1-4, and frankly there shouldn’t be many arguments against that.

Put the other 28 teams into the round-of-32 however you would like, I really do not care.

Okay, those are my thoughts, let me know what you think….

Bothell has had a tough time beating Skyline in the past, but this year brought about a much different story. To read the game recap, Click Here .

In a battle of top three teams, the Camas Papermakers beat the Union Titans. Paul Valencia of The Columbian has the story Right Here .

The Kentwood Conquerors are once again going to finish in first place. This is the third year in a row for the Conks, as they beat rival Kent-Meridian. TJ Cotterill of the Tacoma News Tribune has the recap Right Here .

Gig Harbor QB Davis Alexander seems to get a mention in here every week now. This week he played another fantastic game, while he was sick. The Tides remained unbeaten with a win over Olympia. Darren Beene of the Tacoma News Tribune has the story Right Here .

The Chiawana Riverhawks are going to win the Mid-Columbia Conference after beating the Walla Walla Blue Devils this week. RB Austin Urlacher had another tremendous day. The game recap is Right Here .

Kamiak may be an under-the-radar team this year. They have been playing some great football as of late, and this week hammered Snohomish. RB Jojo Binda is one of the state’s top athletes, and is a player that keeps opposing defenses on their toes. You can read the game recap Right Here .


This Week’s 4A Top Ten

1. Bothell Cougars (7-0)
2. Camas Papermakers (7-0)
3. Chiawana Riverhawks (6-1)
4. Union Titans (6-1)
5. Federal Way Eagles (5-2)
6. Lake Stevens Vikings (6-1)
7. Gig Harbor Tides (6-1)
8. Kentwood Conquerors (6-1)
9. Gonzaga Prep Bullpups (6-1)
10. Bellarmine Prep Lions (6-1)

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