Three-Part Playoff Podcast featuring ScoreCzar



After receiving many emails over the years about how the playoffs work in the State of Washington, ScoreCzar and I took the time to sit down and sort out some of the issues, and provide some solutions to the problems.

This podcast was put together to create a discussion about what can and needs to be done to correct a flawed playoff system. By no means do we think the way we have proposed is perfect, but we feel as though it is a great starting point to get a playoff format that is fair to the teams involved, and a great product for the fans to watch.

Please direct your comments to the section below, or email ScoreCzar – or Ryland – and lets keep the discussion going.

In this podcast when we reference the playoff brackets, we tried sticking to 4A to make it as less confusing as possible. At the bottom of this page you will see both the ScoreCzar Brackets and WIAA brackets to help you understand as we go along.


Segment #1

The first segment begins with introductions to the voices you are hearing on the podcast, and a little about ourselves. You are on NEI, so I shouldn’t have to tell you more about myself or the site. ScoreCzar on the other hand is a mystery to a lot of folks, and it will remain that way for the most part. You can visit his website at to see current team rankings and computer predictions of this week’s games.

This segment we talk mostly about the classifications in this state. We feel there are some issues and things that do need to be changed. We offer a solution of allowing football and/or basketball to be independent from the rest of the school, and give our reasons why.



Segment #2

This second segment is an overall review of the Week 10 Play-In round of the football schedule. ScoreCzar has some strong views on the Week 10 round.


Segment #3

This is the longest segment of the bunch, and brings the most information/opinions. We go over the ScoreCzar rankings and what the state tournament would look like under his formula.



ScoreCzar 4A

4A round of 16

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