DeShon Foxx To Start Wide Receiver Specific Training Program

DeShon Foxx


Fresh off a signing with the New York Jets, Deshon Foxx has announced an eight-week Seattle based wide receiver specific training program.

“I am excited to get this program going,” Foxx told Northwest Elite Index. “My good friend Jake Heaps and the Empire QB Academy are taking position specific training for quarterbacks to a new level. With this announcement, we are taking receiver training to that same level, something that has never been done in the Northwest.”

Nowadays there are many 7-on-7 teams and offseason workouts to keep athletes active and getting reps, but actual development at the position has been lacking.

“These kids have so much potential but sometimes don’t get taught proper techniques and mechanics, understanding coverages and DB leverages,” Foxx said. “When they go to the next level it can be a rocky transition. We will prepare these athletes and help grow them as young men.

“I’ve had a lot of mentors and guidance throughout my career and I want to pass that knowledge to the younger guys.”

“I just want these kids to reach their full potential, and know they have a coach with their interest in mind.”

Each training session will consist of on field workouts, as well as classroom sessions to better understand the position and defensive coverages through film and grease board lessons.

For more information on Foxx and the Wide Receiver Program visit This Link .


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